The Bath Healthcare Clinic was formed by Osteopathy Specialist in Bath Mr Satyen Gadher.

Mr Gadher has been an expert in the field of Cranial and Structural Osteopathy for many years. During his time as an Osteopath in Bath, Satyen has treated many clients, with people also visiting from afar based on client recommendations.

Due to his ever growing popularity, for his warm and friendly approach to his work and growing client base, Satyen has now established the Bath Healthcare Clinic.

Some Of Our Therapies





Food Allergy Test

Sports Injury


Nutritional Therapy

Cranial Sacral

Coming Soon

Massage Treatments

Bioresonance Therapy


About Osteopathy

Osteopathy is an established and widely recognised system of diagnosis and treatment, its main emphasis is on the structural and functional integrity of the body. It is distinctive by the fact that Osteopathy recognises that much of the pain and disability which we suffer stems from abnormalities in the function of the body structure as well as damage caused to it by disease.

Whilst back pain is the most common problem seen, Osteopathy can help with a wide variety of problems including:

– Changes to posture in pregnancy, – Digestion problems,
– Joint pain/inflammation, – Postural problems caused by driving or work strain,
– Joint pain and sporting injuries among many others.

Situated in the City of Bath in Somerset, the Bath Healthcare Clinic offers specialist treatments through a dedicated team of professional practitioners and personal trainers, including Cranial/ Structural Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology Holistic, Traditional Thai and Sports Massage, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Personal Training and Eyebrow Threading.

The Bath Healthcare Clinic, is very welcoming, clean, light and airy, a perfect location to be completely relaxed during your consultation and treatment.

Please email Satyen and his team at or contact the clinic via telephone to arrange a consultation.

It is also possible to book an appointment on-line, using the secure online form:

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