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Jan Erik Posth ( is trained in Sweden and certified as Masseur and Massage Therapist in 2009. He practices Deep Tissue Massage and Massage Therapy and works therapeutically with pressure point release and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) as effective ways of using reflexes and neurological memory to assist muscular relaxation and improve performance.

In 2020 he finalised his qualification as Reflexology Practitioner and is offering Reflexology on its own and in combination with Massage (Therapy).

Jan Erik qualified in 2017 as Certified Traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner (Level I, II and Master). His energy healing is always integral part of any of his therapeutic approaches, but can also be received by itself on request.

Since November 2022 Jan Erik is also working with a high precision electronic measurement and treatment instrument developed in Germany and Switzerland and the result of more than a century of research and development in the field of electromagnetic, microcurrent electric and magnetic radiation ( This technological biomodulation device with a uniquely wide frequency range is at the forefront of a fast emerging technology. It addresses all physical aspects of the human body and condition and can be used as analytical and therapeutic tool on its own and in combination with other therapies.

Registered with the Federation of Holistic Therapists FHT (Membership No:176386) Jan Erik is tax registered and liability insured.

Where possible he will only work with natural products of the highest quality.

Anyone, whether living an active or more sedate life, will gain benefits from therapeutic massage. And many of us yearn for an approach to healthcare which is sensitive and caring. Physical contact affects us both mentally and physiologically and can work well in conjunction with orthodox medicine or other complementary therapies.

Massage Therapy has proven to reduce tensions, aches, muscle pain, it improves sleep, relieves anxiety and stress and promotes a sense of general well-being.

PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) is a stretching technique that can improve your range of motion after injury or surgery. It can also boost your muscle flexibility and strength.

The ancient healing skill of Reflexology has been around for many thousands of years with the earliest record dating back to 2,500 BC. By touch and gentle pressure on the feet or hands a response in the corresponding organs and systems of the body is stimulated, blockages are removed and healing is promoted.

Reiki is a universal tool for physical healing, but also increases mental and spiritual growth, awareness, insight and wisdom. It uses palm healing through which “universal energy” (also: ki, chi, prana or soul) is transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the client, but can even be received through space and time.

Bioresonance incorporates the fact that the (human) body consists of energy and matter and is animated by information. Matter (biochemistry), energy (biophysics) and information (bioresonance) have an equal place. Whilst conventional medicine remains on a materialistic level (and rejects everything else as unscientific) it has been proven that matter is fundamentally a manifestation of compressed energy. The human body is an electromagnetic field that can be diagnosed and treated energetically. Millions of electric micro-current impulses are sent into the body and its response to these signals (oscillations) are assigned to body structures, systems and substances, disclosing “peculiarities” caused by illness or pathogens. Reversely, bioresonance treatment uses micro-current and electromagnetic oscillations to trigger biochemical processes towards healing by the information they contain, with the goal of restoration of the body’s self-regulatory ability. Biosresonance has been successfully used to treat complains such as acute and chronic disorders, allergies, dermatological diseases, gastro-intestinal disorders, chronic and degenerative (auto-immune) diseases, chronic toxic contamination, neurological disorders, pain syndromes, malignant diseases, dependency symptoms and hormonal problems. The treatment is painless and no harmful side-effects have been observed.

Jan Erik’s treatments are tailored after consultation to your individual needs, whether you are looking to reduce tensions or blockages, aid recovery from an injury or illness, increase your flexibility or simply reduce stress and relax – you will find yourself in good hands with him.


Fees range between £60 (1hour) and £100 (2hours) depending on appointment type.

Please note we have a 24 hour cancellation policy and a full payment is required if you do not cancel.

Accepted forms of payment are debit cards, cash, cheques, BACS transfers and PayPal. Please check with your insurer to confirm your level of cover and if the practitioner is recognised.


  • “Thank you so much for the back massage and stretches you showed me.(..) Since the massage I have been pain free and my back feels much stronger.” Helen
  • “I have had massages from Jan and found it helpful, relieving of aches and discomfort and relaxing at times.. Jan adjusts the pressure as I require in an ad hoc way.” Sebina
  • “Jan Erik Posth has worked as masseur at Cint AB in Stockholm. Once a month he has come to our office with all materials for doing a proper classic massage on our employees. His work has been really appreciated and useful for all “computernecks and backs”. He has been a very good benefit for all. I can highly recommend his skills as masseur and he is also a very nice, humouristic and polite person.” Eva Mattson, HR
  • “Excellent! Very professional! Highly recommend!” Bev
  • “Great massage and advice – highly recommend.” Billy
  • “First visit..with Jan Erik! Magic hands..good job!!!” Anna-Maria
  • “Perfect treatment and great advice but just take care not to have too much to do for at least an hour afterwards Thank you Jan I got to do a great show that night.” Robert
  • “Totally personalised relaxation! Jan took so much care to tailor the massage to my needs, and was really responsive and understanding with my 20-week pregnant body! I felt at ease, and more then that – completely relaxed, which is what I was looking for. I really enjoyed the massage chair experience, it was a lot more practical for me with a large bump, and meant Jan could get right to my sore shoulders.” Sarah
  • “My treatment from Jan Eric was extremely helpful and professional. He really knows his stuff and I would recommend his service to anyone.” Belinda
  • “Really nice firm sports massage for my tired muscles following a long period of cardio training and some sound advice to improve flexibility more long term.” Lee
  • “Excellent! I would def recommend. I got lots of explanations and an aftercare email with helpful, relevant stretches for self-help. Thank you!” Lucy
  • “Jan’s massage treated my mind and body. I could not relax due to business stress and he helped me with some breathing techniques that calmed my mind which, in turn, helped my body relax. By the end of session I felt my internal business had calmed down. Thank you Jan.” Isrial
  • “One visit to Jan and not only did I get a lovely relaxing massage but also my hip pain, which has been a long standing problem, was relieved. I will definitely be going back for another treatment.” Jennifer
  • “Jan Erik is excellent in providing a combination of massage and physio therapy and within a comforting yet professional environment – I was in very good hands.” Katharina
  • “Very professional, knowledgable and experienced masseur. I really felt my body well worked even on the next day. Thank you!” Stamena
  • “My first visit to Jan, suffering from back and neck pain. He was professional, friendly and has an innate ability to improve and resolve my problem areas. Brilliant. Thank you.” Amanda
  • “Excellent. Listened to my pain issues, created a plan for the session. The massage pressure was as I wanted it. Provided me with relevant aftercare and advice.” Catherine
  • “I had a wonderful massage from Jan, it is rare to find someone who gives a good strong touch, understands the body well and listens attentively to pick up on tensions and what I was saying. Good for the knots and relaxation! Thanks Jan.” Caroline
  • “Very good session.” Bartek
  • “Jan is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. The massage completely relieved the stress and tension in my back and shoulders and I will definitely revisit and recommend Jan.” Joanna Pidala
  • “Fantastic. Jan made me feel relaxed as soon as I met him. A great listener and I felt like he could read what was going on for me before the massage even started. He offered some sound advice on stress, relaxation and diet and then gave me the exact massage I needed. By the time I left I felt completely loose and groovy. Ha. All round, a great experience and Jan’s a really lovely chap. 10 out of 10.” Greg Wright

Disclaimer: Massage/Reflexology/Reiki and Biomodulation should not be used in place of conventional medical care. Always consult a GP or other health professional for medical attention and advice.

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